Storymap JSThis is the PDF version of the Storymap JS exhibit. In case the exhibit fails one day, the information is here too. You will also be able to download it for further use if needed.

Glossary: This page holds the definitions of some of the 1940s terms and slang used in the scrapbook. 

Jane Schwarz Interview: This is an interview conducted by former UMW student Alex Brudno. Please click on the link if you are interested in where we got some of our information from and the Schwarz family in general. Click this link for a PDF version of the interview. 

Complete Transcription of Scrapbook: This is a PDF Version of all of the transcribed scrapbook pages in one single document. Instagram page: This is the Instagram page dedicated to the project. You can look here to see the various updates to the site made since its conception. This is the site's email. Apart from the comment feature on the site, you can also email any further questions to this inbox. Any further questions about the primary source and requests to view it in person should be sent to the university's special collections email.