This website would not have been possible without the contributions of the Schwarz family. We are indebted to Albert and Jane Schwarz, the creators of the physical scrapbook, and their family's willingness to donate this to the University of Mary Washington to better support the history curriculum and resources for UMW students. 

Special thanks also goes to those at Mary Washington who assisted us throughout this site's journey. Dr. McClurken, our HIST 428 professor and guide, whose enthusiasm and knowledge helped keep this project on track. Also, Angie Kemp, Interim Head of Special Collections/Archives whose advice and access to the artifacts helped shape this project. 


Janis Shurtleff: A senior at UMW majoring in history who is graduating in the Spring of 2022.  She plans on being a technical writer and will be adding this site to her digital portfolio.   

Morgan Gilbert: A senior at UMW, who will graduate in the Spring of 2022 with her bachelor's degree in History and will graduate with a master's degree in Secondary Education in the Spring of 2023. The digital skills gained through working on this project will not only serve to better her own work in the future, but it also allows her to better help her students' growth in the future as an educator. 

Gus Kasper: Gus will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Mary Washington in Spring 2022. He plans on continuing to promote local history in King William, his hometown, by writing and volunteering for the King William Historical Society.

Brandon Rojas: A sophomore at Mary Washington, he is majoring in history with a minor in economics. He plans on transferring the literacy and critical analysis skills he attains in his undergraduate years to the law field. He is interested in soccer, history, and shoe collecting.