How to use this Site

Search: The three small dots on the search bar on the top right can be used to search the site in a few different ways. The "Keyword" search option is for a general search of the site. The "Boolean" search allows you to use certain characters such as +, -, " to yield finer tuned results. Finally, the "Exact Match" option can be used to locate items with at least one match to the order of the words entered. For the best results, the "Exact Match" option is the preferred option.  

Advanced Search: Below those options mentioned above is the "Advanced Search" option which contains more specific methods of searching the site. "Browse All" takes you to all the files on the site. "Browse by Tag" allows you to see every tag used on the files on the site. The tags were created by using recurring names and places that were mentioned in the original scrapbook pages. Clicking one takes to all the files that have been tagged with the tag that was clicked on. Lastly, the "Search Items" option is another method of searching the site based on the metadata associated with each file.

Navigation: Clicking on the Scrapbook page will take you to the following page. Here is where you can navigate both collections by clicking on either of the two links for each collection. After deciding on which collection to browse, you will be taken to a list of the items in the collection. 

Once you have decided on which image you are interested in, click on it and you will be taken to a page displaying its data. To see the image in full screen, click on the image in the top right area of the screen. Once you are done with that file, you can scroll to the bottom to "flip" backward or forwards in the collection using the "Next" and "Previous" buttons.